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All Roads Lead to the Same Place

Thank you for joining me on my new journey in life.  You will quickly discover that I’m a storyteller.  The major foundation of my stories is the wisdom that was imparted to me throughout the years by my mother.  As I was growing up, my mother would spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon driving us around the countryside seeking a new adventure whether it was to find a cool old cemetery, an abandoned house, morel mushrooms in the woods or a historic site of interest.   Quite often we would end up lost and have absolutely no idea of how to get home, but then her wise words would bring us comfort, “All roads lead to the same place, eventually.”  Of course, right after that she’d say, “Umm, I think it is this way!” as she would turn the car down another lonely country road with no real guess about where we were.  Miraculously we still managed to find home every single time even without GPS or a map to guide us.

Life is often like this as we have no GPS or life map telling us where to go and what decisions to make.  Life happens and we respond, “Umm, I think it is this way!” as we turn our life into a new direction without having a full understanding of where we are truly headed.  Fortunately, we can also find hope in knowing that, eventually, all roads lead to the same place, hence my new journey as a blogger.  The roads that I have traveled thus far have led me to this place.  As I share with you the roads that have brought me here it is my hope that you will find something that you need as you journey with me.

So where do we begin our journey? Umm, I think it is this way!

7 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to the Same Place”

  1. So excited to see this Serina. I too have fond memories of those adventures as a child with our mothers. Guess that’s why I still enjoy being an adventurer, always up for a drive on the country roads to see what new things await! Congratulations on your new blog, can’t wait to hear your stories.

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  2. You’re a great writer!! So proud of you for starting your blog!! Sometimes the first step takes the most courage. I love what Eleanor Roosevelt would say, “Do something that scares you everyday!”
    Tara T.

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