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Book Review: Life As We Knew It

Topics: earth science, astronomy, weather, end of the world, food insecurity, gardening, survival, relationships

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life as We Knew It shares a year in the life of Miranda, a high school sophomore. Miranda struggles with her parents’ divorce, but her life finds an even greater challenge when, one day, a meteor knocks the moon closer to earth, setting off a domino effect of catastrophic events. This post-apocalyptic thriller – the first in a series of novels – had me reeled in for the entire book asking, “What’s next?”.  Reading about the dynamics of Miranda and the relationships with her family and friends as they work to survive their new world, brings emotion and an opportunity to reflect on personal values. This novel may be too intense for younger readers, but many of my 8th grade students love this book.

Check out more about this book and resources related to this book at Susan Beth Pfeffer’s website,

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