Life Happened

Hello, I’m Serina Gay. I started my career life designing beautiful home interiors and then many years ago, I began to feel a pull toward entering the educational field. Moving into the classroom was the best and most rewarding decision that I ever made. In more recent years, I’ve wanted to begin stretching my wings a bit while still feeling the call to become the best classroom teacher that I can be. This is the reason for my teacher blog.

I started a blog a couple of years ago and then, as it often does, life happened. The main culprit in the beginning was a demanding Career and Technical Education classroom that kept me very busy teaching four different high school courses, but then life REALLY happened. A few months after my original blog post, my home burned. That has a way of taking a chunk out of your life. I spent two years inventorying, rebuilding and refurnishing my home while still balancing the demands of the classroom.

Now that I’m able to refocus on my life’s direction, I look forward to sharing my adventures, both in and out of the classroom, with you through this blog. Join me on this teacher’s journey through life!

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