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Book Review: Sundae My Prince Will Come by Suzanne Nelson

Topics: culinary arts, relationships, goal-setting, employability skills, divorce, budgeting, ballet, dance

Sundae My Prince Will Come by Suzanne Nelson

Malie is a teen with big goals and dreams. Dance is her life and as she anxiously prepares for the try outs for the conservatory’s production of Cinderella, it seems that everything goes awry. She is frustrated that her mother demands her time. Malie is expected to help out at the ice cream shop and her mother does not support her dreams of becoming a ballerina. To complicate matters more, the presence of a new boy in town brings confusion to Malie at a time that she needs no distractions.

This story offers students a look at making healthy relationship choices while balancing life goals. It takes a fun turn into the world of culinary arts as the characters explore options for new flavors of ice cream and gelato. Recipes for some of the favorites are even included in the back of the book. It is an easy read at the 5th grade level and is well-suited for middle school students, primarily 5th through 7th grade.

Check out more about this book and other foodie, fiction novels from Suzanne Nelson at her website,

For your convenience and ease in ordering, I’ve also included this affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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